The Inventing Anna Cast: Are All The Characters Based On Real People?

28 February 2022, 16:31

The real-life people that inspired the Inventing Anna cast
The real-life people that inspired the Inventing Anna cast. Picture: Getty/Netflix
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Inventing Anna is inspired by a real-life story, make fans wonder which characters are based upon real people – here's everything you need to know.

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Everyone has been captivated by Inventing Anna after it dropped on February 11 – the latest hit from Netflix follows the real-life story of fraudster Anna Delvey.

The nine-part series follows the scandal of Anna posing as a German heiress who conned New York City’s elite out of large sums of money.

The socialite committed her crimes under the name Anna Delvey (real name Sorokin) and ended up serving time in prison for her fraudster ways.

This Is What People Are Watching After 'Inventing Anna'

As steamers binge through the season, many are wondering: Which characters are based on real people?

Here’s the lowdown on the cast of the true-crime biopic, from the actors to the characters and the real-life people they are inspired by…

Inventing Anna dropped on Netflix on February 11
Inventing Anna dropped on Netflix on February 11. Picture: Netflix

Anna Chlumsky as Vivian Kent

Anna Chlumsky plays journalist Vivian Kent, a character in which the series follows closely as she unravels the story behind Devley's fraud.

Vivian Kent is inspired by the real reporter that worked on the original article that sparked a public fascination with the con artist of New York City's elite.

However, the character actually follows the journey of the real-life writer Jessica Pressler.

Pressler wrote the article Maybe She Had So Much Money She Just Lost Track of It for New York Magazine in May 2018, making way for the Netflix adaptation.

Anna Chlumsky plays Vivian Kent
Anna Chlumsky plays Vivian Kent. Picture: Alamy

Julia Garner as Anna Delvey (Sorokin)

Julie Garner portrays the titular character of Anna, of course, we all know by now that Delvey/Sorokin is a real person whose crimes are the catalyst of the scandalous story.

In fact, Julia made headlines before the episodes even dropped when she responded to Anna Delvey's claims that she won't be watching the Netflix adaptation.

Julia Garner portrays Anna Delivey
Julia Garner portrays Anna Delivey. Picture: Alamy

Arian Moayed as Todd

The character of Todd is based on the real person of Todd Spodek, who represented Anna during her trial.

Anna was close to her lawyer, a storyline that has been carried into the show.

Todd is portrayed by Arian Moayed.

Arian Moayed plays Todd in Inventing Anna
Arian Moayed plays Todd in Inventing Anna. Picture: Alamy

Laverne Cox as Kacy Duke

Kacy Duke is played by Laverne Cox of Orange Is The New Black fame.

The character of Kacy is also inspired by true events, with Laverne playing the role of a personal trainer.

In real-life Kacy is a celebrity fitness expert working among celebrities in the US – she has an impressive online presence to this day as she continues her work!

Laverne Cox plays Kacey Duke
Laverne Cox plays Kacey Duke. Picture: Alamy

Katie Lowes as Rachel

Katie Lowes plays the character of Rachel, who is thought to be an interpretation of Rachel DeLoache Williams – a friend who fell victim to Anna’s schemes.

Rachel Williams released a book in 2019, My Friend Anna: The True Story of a Fake Heiress, that detailed how she was conned out of thousands of pounds as she fronted the costs of the fraudster’s lavish vacations.

Katie Lowes plays Rachel in Inventing Anna
Katie Lowes plays Rachel in Inventing Anna. Picture: Netflix

Alexis Floyd as Neff Davis

Alexis Floyd, who you may recognise from another Netflix hit The Bold Type, plays a friend of Anna called Neff.

The inspiration of the character came from Neffatari Davis, who met Anna whilst she working at a lavish New York hotel.

Nefferati even spoke to PAPER about her relationship with the famous con artist, saying: "At the end of the day, yes, she did what she did, but people are not buying the story because she's a thief; they're buying it because she got away with it.

“She's my friend,” Neff revealed, “but I don't know the Anna that everyone else does.”

Alexis Floyd plays Anna's friend, Neff
Alexis Floyd plays Anna's friend, Neff. Picture: Alamy
Saamer Usmani plays Anna Delvey's boyfriend
Saamer Usmani plays Anna Delvey's boyfriend. Picture: Alamy

Saamer Usmani as Chase Sikorski

Saamer Usmani plays the role of Delvey's boyfriend in the show, Chase Sikorski.

Although the storyline of Chase is inspired by her real-life boyfriend, however, his true identity remains under wraps.

In the aforementioned article that paved the way for the Netflix hit, Maybe She Had So Much Money She Just Lost Track, Anna’s love interest was unnamed.

The character of Chase is an entrepreneur working on an app start-up, these elements of the story are creative liberties taken by the writers.

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