Harry Styles ‘Tries To Write Music As A Fan’ When Songwriting

22 February 2021, 10:38

Harry Styles has opened up about his songwriting process
Harry Styles has opened up about his songwriting process. Picture: Getty

Harry Styles shared an insight into his songwriting process, admitting he finds it harder when he “tries.”

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Harry Styles became an even bigger global phenomenon after leaving One Direction to take on a solo career, and he’s had incredible success ever since.

With two solo albums under his belt, his self-titled titled 2017 EP and 2019’s ‘Fine Line’, Harry’s creations such as ‘Adore You’ and ‘Watermelon Sugar’ have gone on to be chart-topping hits.

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And the 27-year-old has given a glimpse at how he really makes his music, admitting his creations aren’t so good when he’s “trying his hardest.”

One Direction went on hiatus in 2015
One Direction went on hiatus in 2015. Picture: Getty

Speaking to SiriusXM in America, Harry said he finds it easier to write “as a fan of music.”

He said: “I have always made my worst music when I’m trying the hardest and when it feels a little bit too easy and feels a bit safe and it’s just like, ‘oh yeah, this is what people want…’ I write it.

“I try to write music as a fan of music. I just don’t really know how else to do it, I guess. Ultimately, everyone who works in music are just fans.”

Harry Styles has had huge success since going solo
Harry Styles has had huge success since going solo. Picture: Getty

Harry added: “Like I’m just a fan of music and get to make some, so I try to make it from that perspective.”

The ‘Falling’ hitmaker also confessed he couldn’t believe people came to see his shows when he embarked on a solo career after One Direction.

“I was amazed people were coming to see me,” he said.

Harry hasn’t yet spilled on whether he has new music coming in 2021, after using his freed schedule to take on roles in some big films; Don’t Worry, Darling and My Policeman.

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