My Policeman Movie: When It’s Coming Out And The Book It’s Based On

17 October 2022, 16:44

Watch Harry Styles in the trailer for My Policeman

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Emma Corrin and Harry Styles star in the new film My Policeman together in the hottest casting since Don’t Worry, Darling, also starring Haz. Here’s the lowdown on the movie, which is based on a best-selling book.

Production on My Policeman wrapped last year, with The Crown star Emma Corrin starring opposite her pal Harry Styles in the queer romance movie, and the first full trailer is officially here! You can watch the brand-new trailer at the top of this page!

Harry and Emma play a young couple, Tom and Marion, who get wrapped up in a love triangle with an older man in the 1950s.

Harry Styles Shows ‘Real Talent’ In My Policeman According To Fans At Movie’s First Screening

The internet is teeming with My Policeman content as the release date inches closer and closer every day, with the hotly-anticipated film gearing up for a release in cinemas as well as on streaming services!

Harry Styles dressed as a policeman as he films in Brighton
Harry Styles dressed as a policeman as he films in Brighton. Picture: Splash News
Harry Styles filming his second film of the year with 'My Policeman'
Harry Styles filming his second film of the year with 'My Policeman'. Picture: Splash News

The latest news update on My Policeman is that it's been rated 'R' for sexual content, which is the equivalent of an age-rating of 15 in the UK. Just weeks before the drama's arrival in theatres, a new movie poster was released, showcasing Harry, Emma and David Dawson all looking rather brooding...

Six actors will play the main three roles as their younger and older counterparts, with Rupert Everett playing Haz's character's lover, Patrick, in the future.

The younger version of Tom's male lover is 38-year-old David Dawson, who will play museum curator Patrick at the start of the relationship.

As fans await even more updates on My Policeman, we’ve got all the details so far, from the release date to the book it's based on…

Prime Video dropped a brand-new My Policeman poster
Prime Video dropped a brand-new My Policeman poster. Picture: Prime Video

Does My Policeman have a release date?

My Policeman's release date has officially been confirmed!

We can expect to see the hotly-anticipated film in cinemas on October 21, 2022 – so not left long to go at all! The film will also be available to stream on Prime Video from November 4, 2022.

This comes after filming for My Policeman wrapped in June 2021, with director Michael Grandage revealing the news on Instagram by sharing a photo of himself alongside Harry and David.

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Is there a trailer for My Policeman?

There is a trailer for My Policeman and you can watch it at the top of this page! Harry, Emma and David look exceptional in the first look, with their characters' intertwining relationships evidently as complicated and passionate as the book tells.

Harry's character Tom is seen marrying Emma Corrin's character Marion and having a steamy embrace with secret lover Patrick.

What is My Policeman about, is it based on a book?

My Policeman is based on the book of the same name by Bethan Roberts and while the film will no doubt have some tweaks for the big screen, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what it’ll be about based on the book’s description.

Set in the 1950s, My Policeman follows Marion and Tom’s love story after she falls in love when he teaches her to swim at Brighton beach. A few years later Tom, a policeman, meets Patrick at a museum and Patrick becomes besotted with him in a love affair that would have been considered unacceptable in that era.

It’s safer for Tom to marry Marion but she must share her policeman with Patrick, embracing their threesome relationship until jealousy breaks one of them.

The story flashes forward to the 90s when an elderly Patrick re-enters Marion and Tom’s lives, with life-changing consequences.

My Policeman is a book by Bethan Roberts
My Policeman is a book by Bethan Roberts. Picture: GoodReads
Harry Styles will play the lead in My Policeman
Harry Styles will play the lead in My Policeman. Picture: Getty

Who is in the cast of My Policeman?

Emma Corrin plays Marion and Harry Styles plays Marion's husband Tom, while David Dawson is in the role of Patrick.

Three older actors were also cast to play Marion, Tom and Patrick in the 90s:

  • Gina McKee as an older Marion
  • Linus Roache as an older Tom
  • Rupert Everett as an older Patrick
David Dawson plays the role of Patrick in My Policeman
David Dawson plays the role of Patrick in My Policeman. Picture: PA

We’ll keep this page updated with more information as soon as it’s out!

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