Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce - Telephone

Lady Gaga has teamed up with Beyonce on the latest single to be taken from her album, 'The Fame Monster' and produced a mini-epic of a video.

Gaga originally wrote the track for Britney Spears who was due to feature it on her album, 'Circus' but Britney turned it down so Gaga got Beyonce on board and has turned it in to a hit.


At over 9 minutes long, the video is a bit of a movie, it's full of inappropriate images, partial nudity, fights, a bit of bad language and of course some ridiculous costumes.

Check out the photos from the video.

It'll probably get banned from every music television channel around the world... but it is a great video, which features Lady Gaga as the most fashionable prisoner ever in a women's prison.  She's then released and heads off, Charlie's Angels style with Beyonce to a diner, where they wipe out all of the customers with poisoned honey and end up as America's Most Wanted. Well, what did you expect? Take a look and tell us what you think...