Harry Styles, Emma Corrin & David Dawson Wow In Brand-New 'My Policeman' Poster

13 October 2022, 10:45

A new 'My Policeman' poster is here
A new 'My Policeman' poster is here. Picture: Prime Video

By Savannah Roberts

Prime Video has released a brand-new My Policeman poster in the run-up to the film's release, Harry Styles, Emma Corrin and David Dawson all look incredible as they get into character.

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With the hotly-anticipated release of My Policeman soon approaching, we're all getting a little bit too excited as we prepare to watch the Harry Styles-led queer romance.

The drama – which is adapted from the 2012 novel of the same name – will be hitting theatres on October 21 and will be available to stream on Prime Video from November 4.

Harry Styles And My Policeman Co-Stars In Running For The Oscars

As the release date inches nearer (finally!), My Policeman has released a brand-new movie poster showcasing its undeniably star-studded cast.

Harry, Emma Corrin and David Dawson portray the film's central theme of a love triangle, and it's safe to say that the poster picture paints a thousand words...

Harry, Emma and David portray the three central characters
Harry, Emma and David portray the three central characters. Picture: Getty

Prime Video dropped the new promo picture on October 12, just over a week before the highly-awaited flick arrives in cinemas, fans instantly flocked to Twitter to talk about the new My Policeman content.

The film poster shows all three of its top-billing cast, with Tom and Marion (portrayed by Harry and Emma) looking wistfully off into the distance, and Patrick (portrayed by David Dawson) peering lovingly at Tom.

The characters are photographed in front of a brilliantly blue-skied backdrop as they stand on a beach, which makes sense as most of the movie was shot in Brighton!

Prime video released a new My Policeman movie poster
Prime video released a new My Policeman movie poster. Picture: Prime Video
Fans recognised the cast's costumes in the promo images
Fans recognised the cast's costumes in the promo images. Picture: Getty

Eagle-eyed fans soon deduced what day of filming the poster image was taken on by the cast's costuming, Emma donned a midi-lengthed yellow pleated skirt and a striped button-up, and Harry a cotton shirt and knitted vest – very of the time as the film is set in the 1950s.

Production began for the queer romance drama back in May 2021 and filming wrapped the following month.

My Policeman is based on the book by Bethan Roberts, which tells the story of a 1950s couple, Marion and Tom, falling in love after meeting on Brighton beach. However, Tom soon meets Patrick, and they pursue an affair despite homosexuality being illegal at the time.

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