Harry Styles Reunites With His Lion Ring After Losing It At Coachella

18 May 2022, 17:21 | Updated: 18 May 2022, 17:25

Harry Styles lost his lion ring at Coachella and fans are trying to get it back to him
Harry Styles lost his lion ring at Coachella and fans are trying to get it back to him. Picture: Getty/Instagram
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Harry Styles’ managed to get back his iconic Gucci lion ring after he lost it at Coachella!

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Harry Styles lost his famous Gucci lion ring during his second weekend at Coachella and after fans tried super hard to get it back to the pop star, he has finally been reunited with it!

It all started when the former One Direction star took to the stage at the California festival a few weekends ago to bless fans with another set of performances when the ring flew off his finger while he was on stage.

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Fans managed to share slowed-down versions of videos near the stage, where Harry’s ring appears to fly off into the crowd as he throws his water bottle during his performance.

It’s safe to say the search for Harry’s ring had quite literally taken over the internet as fans were desperate to reunite him with the iconic piece of jewellery.

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Harry Styles lost his lion ring at Coachella
Harry Styles lost his lion ring at Coachella. Picture: Getty

Fans at the time urged whoever found the ring to return it to the ‘Fine Line’ hitmaker, with many people taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.

“I didn't know someone losing a ring would affect my mood so much. Whoever found it just give the ring back to him,” penned one fan.

“Idk if it's just me but i would definitely do everything in my power to give it back to him. it was thrown in the crowd im pretty sure somebody saw it or smth this is heartbreaking [sic],” added another.

Another tweet read: “If they don’t give the ring back to him it seems important it’s literally engraved.”

Harry Styles has been reunited with his Gucci lion ring
Harry Styles has been reunited with his Gucci lion ring. Picture: @harrystyles/Instagram

Pictures of the ring seemingly show an engraving of the words ‘Harry’ alongside ‘second time is a charm’.

After rallying around, fans appear to have found the person who allegedly found the ring, with tweets claiming they are attempting to reach out to Harry’s stylist and good friend Harry Lambert to reunite Haz with the ring.

Harry finally gave us all the update we needed on May 18 when he took to his Instagram Stories to share the incredible news that he has been reunited with the ring!

Simply sharing a snap of the lion ring, he wrote: "It hath returned," while he separately added, "thank you".

It's not known just how Harry managed to get it back, but all we can say is that not all heroes wear capes!

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