Halsey Reminiscing Her One Direction Stan Days Will Always Be Iconic

28 January 2021, 15:36

Halsey re-lives her One Direction days on their ten year anniversary
Halsey re-lives her One Direction days on their ten year anniversary. Picture: Halsey Twitter/ Instagram/ Getty Images

Halsey is reminiscing about her One Direction fan days on Twitter as the band and millions of fans celebrate their ten year anniversary.

Halsey joined in with the One Direction anniversary celebrations back in the summer of 2020 by throwing back to when she was a fully flung Directioner circa 2012, and fans of the 'Graveyard' singer are happy to see she's a proper Stan of the boys.

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Resurfacing a grainy old tweet she posted way back when, on the 18th October 2012 to be precise, the post says, "Become a Directioner they said... it will be fun they said."

The 'Graveyard' singer jokingly posted the tweet saying, "That is....a relic. Hahah."

However, her committed fans, many of them also 1D fans weren't about to let her get away with this tweet so easily, bringing an iconic image of her posing with a Harry Styles cushion back to life and we're absolutely living for it.

Halsey resurfaces an old One Direction fandom tweet
Halsey resurfaces an old One Direction fandom tweet. Picture: Twitter @halsey

As well as the seriously noughties mirror snap of her and the 'Watermelon Sugar', her old Twitter header reading 'Harry liked x1' and a hilarious and accurate tweet about Mr. Styles came back to haunt the 25-year-old singer.

The star, who famously first made a name for herself on Tumblr, continued to poke fun at her old fandom tweets, including one that very poignantly reads, "Don't ever let anyone make you feel sh***y for listening to boybands. Boybands are tight."

Halsey has quote retweeted the post with a Harry Styles quote that only die hard fans will know about, writing, "Emotionally...i'm bruised."

Halsey's 2015 tweet about loving boybands
Halsey's 2015 tweet about loving boybands. Picture: Twitter @halsey

So, there you have it folks, don't ever doubt yourself for your boyband obsession, because even the biggest pop stars in the world are right there alongside you, taking photos of cushions with their faces on and helping sculpt Stan Twitter as we know it today.

To celebrate the ten year anniversary of our favourite boys, we've chatted to Liam Payne about his time in the band, where he spoke about his low-key favourite 1D song they never actually performed, and his first impressions of the boys a decade ago!

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