Liam Payne Recalls Cheryl’s Standing Ovation Snub When He Auditioned For The X Factor

23 July 2020, 08:24 | Updated: 23 July 2020, 11:12

Liam Payne opens up about Cheryl not giving him a standing ovation

One Direction's Liam Payne recalled how ex-girlfriend Cheryl was the only judge who didn’t stand up for him at his X factor audition in 2010.

One Direction star Liam Payne reminisced on Capital Breakfast about the iconic boyband’s X Factor journey and his audition which became one for the music history books.

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Looking back on when he was just 16 at his audition on The X Factor way back in 2010, Liam’s now-ex Cheryl and mother of their son, Bear, didn't join the standing ovation with the rest of the audience and fellow judges!

Liam Payne laughed as he recalled how Cheryl didn't stand for his audition
Liam Payne laughed as he recalled how Cheryl didn't stand for his audition. Picture: Liam Payne/Instagram
Louis Walsh and Cheryl didn't stand after Liam Payne sang
Louis Walsh and Cheryl didn't stand after Liam Payne sang. Picture: ITV/YouTube

After Roman Kemp played the iconic clip of Liam belting out ‘Cry Me a River’, Liam recalled: “It was a real different competition that year. When I went on in 2008 I just showed up seeing what would happen, not expecting anything at all. I got really really far at such a young age and then it just became my whole life.

“So when I went back the second time it was a lot of people looking at me as competition and everybody knew who I was. It the was the weirdest thing, everyone’s expecting you to be really good when you turn up.”

Liam also revealed it was his dad who choreographed where he should stand on the stage – he has a lot to thank him for now!

But it turns out Cheryl’s act of defiance was all because Simon Cowell had done the same thing hours before.

Cheryl on The X Factor in 2010
Cheryl on The X Factor in 2010. Picture: PA

Liam Payne's X Factor Audition (Full Version)

Fellow judge Louis Walsh also didn't stand!

He continued: “I’d practiced this audition with my Dad, cos my Dad likes to think he’s a bit of a Simon Cowell which is hilarious - that whole thing was choreographed by my Dad. It went really well, I think I got a standing ovation from all the judges – except from Cheryl funnily enough!

“We spoke about it and there was another act earlier in the day Simon didn’t stand up for, so she didn’t stand up and I thought ‘well!’.”

We bet he never let her live it down!

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