Liam Payne Reveals His All Time Favourite One Direction Song & It's Pretty Obscure!

23 July 2020, 08:23 | Updated: 23 July 2020, 09:07

Liam Payne admits his favourite One Direction song

Liam Payne's revealed to us his all time One Direction song, saying the lyrics have a very special place in his heart, and it isn't the track we thought it would be!

Liam Payne's revealed his unexpected all time favourite One Direction song whilst appearing on Capital Breakfast for the band's ten year anniversary, and it wasn't what anyone was expecting him to say- but has seriously special meaning behind it.

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Liam Payne reveals his favourite One Direction song they never got to perform
Liam Payne reveals his favourite One Direction song they never got to perform. Picture: Global/ Getty Images

Liam, 26, chatted to Roman, Sonny and Sian about everything 1D a decade since the boys were formed on The X Factor, when he was asked his all time favourite tune of theirs.

He said: "There's a song called 'Once In A Lifetime', it's really not one of our biggest and we've never performed it live or anything like that but it just really holds a special place for me."

"It's more in the lyrics, you know, 'Once In A Lifetime', everything's just right, that moment when everything's just quite right."

"Being in the band at points it felt really safe and it felt a lot like that, so it's been one for me if I'm really drunk in the Uber on the way home playing One Direction songs, that's what I'll listen to."

Liam Payne speaks about his first impressions of the One Direction boys

Elsewhere in their chat, Liam recounted him and Niall walking to the train station after they were booted off X Factor, only for someone to chase them down, bring them back to the studio and form one of the biggest boybands of all time.

The 'Stack It Up' singer also spilt the tea on his first impressions of the other boys.

Liam said: "At first I don't know why it was so confusing to me that Niall was from Ireland, because I was thinking, 'how is this going to work, he's from a whole other country, he's not even nearby, how is this going to happen?!'"

"Then I remember we had a conversation straight off the bat we'd measure each other's heights because that's how it would be in photos of who would be in the middle... we were so young though."

It's officially been ten years since 1D was formed, and fans have been buzzing to see what the boys have in store for them, with their Twitter account posting for the first time in two whole years.

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