Everyone's Saying The Same Thing About Georgia From Too Hot To Handle

21 January 2022, 17:03 | Updated: 24 January 2022, 17:18

Fans think Georgia Hassarati has a celeb lookalike
Fans think Georgia Hassarati has a celeb lookalike. Picture: Georgia Hassarati/Instagram/Netflix
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Everyone on Twitter can't stop comparing Too Hot To Handle's Georgia to a certain actress – you be the judge.

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Fans of Too Hot To Handle have all pointed out the same thing about contestant Georgia Hassarati...

Viewers have ten brand new episodes to sink their teeth into as the long-awaited third season of THTH dropped on Netflix earlier this week, with a cast of single contestants as hot as the last.

The new season is being binged in record time as audiences pour over the juicy antics of the singletons on their dream holiday (with a twist, thanks to Lana).

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It didn't take long for fans to point out that Aussie beauty Georgia reminds them of a certain A-list celebrity – none other than Margot Robbie!

Here's what everyone has been saying...

Everyone's comparing Georgia to Margot Robbie
Everyone's comparing Georgia to Margot Robbie. Picture: Georgia Hassarati/Instagram
THTH fans can't stop making Margot Robbie references
THTH fans can't stop making Margot Robbie references. Picture: Alamy

Georgia, 26, fast became a favourite among fans and contestants alike as she stole multiple scenes of the show in the new season.

Audiences took to Twitter in the masses to share their disbelief at the similarities between the stars.

One viewer of the hit dating show posted: "Georgia from new Too Hot to Handle is Margot Robbie’s sister and this is why all the guys are head over heels for her."

Another user wrote: "This georgia girl on too hot to handle s3 looks and sounds like margot robbie like im wondering if they’re acc related or not [sic]."

Many THTH fans claimed there could be a strong family resemblance between the reality star and the Suicide Squad actress – and to be honest, we see it!

So what are your thoughts? Is Too Hot To Handle's Georgia another Margot Robbie doppelganger?

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