Who Voices Lana On Too Hot To Handle? Host's Identity & NSFW Name Explained

7 May 2020, 15:27 | Updated: 7 May 2020, 15:31

Too Hot To Handle's Lana is exclusive to the show
Too Hot To Handle's Lana is exclusive to the show, but how did Netflix pick her name? Picture: Netflix

Netflix’s new dating show Too Hot To Handle has finally dropped and everyone is wondering who voices the Alexa-style device and what the meaning is behind Lana's name.

Too Hot To Handle has finally dropped on Netflix and we can’t get enough of the drama-filled villa!

The ten singletons including Francesca Farago, Harry Jowsey, Kori Sampson and Chloe Veitch have headed into the Mexican villa to look for love, but the huge twist is that they can’t have any sexual interaction.

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The show’s digital ‘host’ Lana (who is basically Alexa) recited the rules to the contestant’s in the first episode, telling them: "There are conditions to your stay here. No kissing or sex of any kind.

“This retreat is to help you gain deeper emotional connections.”

But who voices Lana? And what's the reason behind her name? Here’s what we know…

Who is Lana on Too Hot To Handle?

Lana is the virtual assistant on Netflix's Too Hot To Handle
Lana is the virtual assistant on Netflix's Too Hot To Handle. Picture: Netflix

Lana is the virtual assistant that keeps all the peace on the dating show by enlisting the rules.

However, it turns out the Alexa-style device is exclusive to the Netflix show, meaning she was made just for entertainment purposes.

Lana is basically just a speaker and her voice was created by a team of experts.

Her script is programmed by the producers, who watch the contestants’ every move and recite back the instructions through the digital device.

Lana cannot be purchased anywhere as she isn’t a real talking device, just a speaker that’s for the show!

Why is the Too Hot To Handle host called Lana?

As far as the contestants knew, Lana's name was chosen at random, just like anybody's name!

However, Netflix revealed that her name actually has a very NSFW reason behind the decision, which is quite appropriate to the theme of the show.

They tweeted: "If you found yourself watching Too Hot To Handle and wondering where we got the name Lana from ... reverse it."

Fans were left very wide-eyed after reading their reason and we don't blame them!

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