Who Is Reneé Rapp's Girlfriend? Meet Musician Towa Bird

11 March 2024, 14:56 | Updated: 11 March 2024, 14:59

Reneé Rapp shows off her girlfriend Towa Bird at the 2024 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
Reneé Rapp shows off her girlfriend Towa Bird at the 2024 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Picture: Getty

By Abbie Reynolds

Who's Reneé Rapp's Girlfriend? Here's everything we know about Towa Bird from her age, how she met Reneé and her link to Olivia Rodrigo.

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Mean Girls star Reneé Rapp broke girls' hearts all around the world when she hard-launched her beautiful girlfriend Towa Bird on the red carpet for the Oscars 2024 Vanity Fair after party.

Towa is a very talented alternative guitarist and singer who has been on tour with Reneé since September 2023. The two have been seen getting very cosy on stage, particularly during the ending of Reneé's performance of her hit 'Tummy Hurts'.

Fans have caught many moments where the pair share a kiss at the end of the song, so if you're only finding out about the loved-up pair now, I hate to break it to you but you're kinda late to the party!

One fan shared a video on TikTok of the two sharing a peck, with the caption: "Y'all are just now finding out about Reneé and Towa, but this was five months ago."

So who exactly is this mysterious girl who has stolen the heart of Reneé? Here's everything we know about Towa, including her tie to Olivia Rodrigo.

Towa Bird performing in London with Reneé Rapp
Towa Bird performing in London with Reneé Rapp. Picture: Getty

Who is Towa Bird?

Towa Bird is a British-Filipino musician who gained recognition during the Covid-19 pandemic when she began sharing videos on TikTok of herself playing guitar solos. The vids quickly went viral with her cover of Gym Class Heroes' 'Cupid's Chokehold / Breakfast in America' getting over 4 million views.

How old is Towa Bird?

She is 24 years old, born March 30th 1999 - which makes her an Aries.

Where is Towa Bird from?

Towa was born in Hong Kong to British and Filipino parents but they later moved to Thailand before settling in London. However, in 2022 she moved to America for work so when she's not touring that's her current base.

When asked where feels most like home during an interview with Russh, she said: "I can’t even really answer this question, and I'm not sure that I have ever been able to.

"My friend Alexander makes fun of me, he says that when people ask where I’m from I change the answer slightly every time depending on how I'm feeling that day. So I think that should illustrate that."

Towa Bird started sharing her music online in 2020
Towa Bird started sharing her music online in 2020. Picture: Getty

How did Towa Bird and Reneé Rapp meet?

It seems Towa and Reneé met in a professional sense but they ended up dating some time before Reneé's 24th birthday in January 2024.

The British-Filipino musician took to the states in 2022 following a business opportunity from Olivia Rodrigo and while there she met lots of industry names - including Billie Eilish and of course, Reneé.

Rumours that the pair were dating began after celeb gossip site Deuxmoi released an exclusive eyewitness source in their weekly newsletter which claimed they'd seen the pair being touchy-feeling during Reneé’s 24th birthday party in New York on January 10.

However, eagle-eyed fans had seen the loved-up girls sharing kisses on stage long before Reneé's birthday. And Reneé herself said in February on the 'Call Her Daddy' podcast that she was seeing someone. So it seems they started dating even before Reneé's tour began in September 2023.

Reneé Rapp hard-launches her relationship with Towa Bird
Reneé Rapp hard-launches her relationship with Towa Bird. Picture: Getty

Who is Towa Bird's ex-girlfriend?

Towa's ex-girlfriend is believed to be actress Liv Solomon however, there's not much about their relationship online apart from a few pictures on Liv's Instagram and the music video for Towa's song 'This Isn't Me' which Liv plays the love interest in.

Some fans believe Towa and Reneé started dating while Towa was still with Liv, but that could be some Reddit/TikTok conspiracy nonsense! Although they no longer follow each other on Instagram which suggests they didn't end things on great terms.

What is Towa Bird's link to Olivia Rodrigo?

Towa and Olivia are signed to the same record company. In 2020 when Towa started going viral on TikTok for her videos playing guitar, she didn't just catch the eye of anyone she made it all the way to Olivia's FYP.

Impressed by what she saw, the 'Good 4 U' singer asked if Towa would consider playing guitar in her documentary 'Driving Home 2 U (A Sour Film)'. And of course Towa said yes, making her way to LA where she eventually signed with her label, Interscope Records.

Does Towa Bird have music out?

Yes, she released her debut single 'Wild Heart' in 2023 and has since release a few other singles including 'Drain Me!' which she quotes as her fave song so far.

She has one EP out called 'Live from Terminal 5' which is five songs all recorded at Terminal 5 in New York where she opened for Reneé Rapp's show.

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