What Is The ‘Bored In The House’ Viral Song On TikTok?

27 March 2020, 16:13

The 'bored' song has taken over social media
The 'bored' song has taken over social media. Picture: TikTok

Whilst everyone is quarantining and spending their time on TikTok, people have been getting hooked on the new ‘bored in the house’ track.

Let’s be honest, TikTok is the main way people are spending their self-isolating days.

The addictive app has hosted some seriously addictive dance challenges but the latest song that’s gone viral is the ‘bored in the house’ tune, which is completely relatable!

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But what is the song and who made it? Here’s what we know.

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What is the ‘bored in the house’ song?

The TikTok viral song contains the lyrics, ‘I’m bored in the house and I’m in the house bored’, literally on repeat.

It’s been used so many times on the app by people making dances to the extremely relatable lyrics.

The most-followed user on the platform, Charli D'Amelio and rapper Tyga are amongst stars who have lip-synced to the song.

Who made the ‘bored’ song?

The bop was created by a US rapper called Curtis Roach.

Speaking to Metro Times, he explained the inspiration came from his own boredom due to self-isolating because of COVID-19.

He said: "I did not see that [becoming viral] coming at all. I was really bored in the house and I was by myself bored and I didn't have any idea what I was gonna do with myself for that day, 'cause it's like, you know, when you have a free schedule you really just kind of lose your mind a little bit.

"And when I have that free time, I make TikToks. I knew the virus was happening. Like there was a lot of talk about it, but I didn't think that we were going to be in lockdown in quarantine like this. I guess it aligned so perfectly, in a way.”

Just like that, he popped his song on to TikTok and the rest is history!

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