Ariana Grande Admits She Hates The Name Of Her Fandom

30 October 2020, 16:55

Ariana isn't a fan of the term 'Arianators'.
Ariana isn't a fan of the term 'Arianators'. Picture: Ariana Grande/Instagram

Ariana Grande has admitted she hates the name of her fandom in her ‘Positions’ album thank you notes.

Ariana Grande is not a fan of the term ‘Arianators’ which is the name given to her loyal fandom.

The ‘34+35’ singer who released her sixth studio album, ‘Positions,’ on 30th Friday October, made the hilarious confession in the thank you notes of her physical album.

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Ariana Grande hates the term 'Arianators' after all.
Ariana Grande hates the term 'Arianators' after all. Picture: Ariana Grande/Instagram

It read: “Thank you to the most loving, incredible fanbase of all time with the ugliest fandom name ever created.

“Seriously, no thank yous for whoever coined the phrase ‘Arianators’.

“You get no thank you.

“Just kidding. Love you all.”

Ariana has opened up about the term before.

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Once, while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel, she said: “They gave themselves that. I originally was calling them The Ariana Army, then the Tiny Elephants, I don’t know how that came about, but it stuck for a while.”

Jimmy replied: “I think Ariana Army was better because Arianators sounds like something you’d buy at the AutoZone.”

Ariana then opened up about what it’s like when she gets to meet her fans in person.

She said: “Well, there are three things that happen. They either come in very confident and knowing what they want, what poses they want, and they’re like ‘yasss girl!’ with lots of energy.

“Or, they come in crying and can’t say much. Or there are ones that are really, really quiet and their parents are forcing them to be there like ‘you wanted this! hug her, you love her!'”

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