Anne-Marie Did Her Tour Whilst Pregnant And Fans Are Only Just Realising

20 March 2024, 13:45 | Updated: 20 March 2024, 17:44

Anne-Marie hid her pregnancy under large clothes
Anne-Marie hid her pregnancy under large clothes. Picture: Getty

By Abbie Reynolds

Anne-Marie managed to keep her pregnancy a secret, even whilst touring with a baby bump, and now fans are resurfacing videos from her shows.

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Fans of Anne-Marie were given a couple of shocks recently when it was revealed that, not only has she been married for two years, she also gave birth to her first child.

The '2002' singer hadn't announced that she was pregnant or married but was spotted on a walk, with her new born daughter and apparent husband Slowthai, whose real name is Tyron Frampton.

When the pictures of their family outing emerged, it was reported that Anne-Marie's baby was already a month old and now fans have realised that means the artist did her latest tour whilst carrying her baby - and no one suspected a thing.

For her third studio album 'Unhealthy' Anne-Marie announced two legs of a tour, the first which was in November last year and the second is set to begin in June.

Fans who were in the crowd of her November shows are now pulling up their videos and are both shocked at how well she performed whilst heavily pregnant but also at how obvious it was that she was hiding something due to her wardrobe choices and a few signals she gave.

Fans have noticed Anne-Marie's baby bump on show when she performed The O2 Arena
Fans have noticed Anne-Marie's baby bump on show when she performed The O2 Arena. Picture: Getty

In most of the videos now going viral on TikTok people are commenting on how excellent her breath work is despite being pregnant. One fan wrote: "I was out of breath just by talking when I was pregnant, she's great!"

When she began her tour on the 14th November 2023 she would have been six months pregnant and she still completed nine shows across Europe.

While performing for the 'Unhealthy' tour Anne-Marie opted mostly for exaggerated smock dresses, this kind of silhouette allowed her to hide her baby bump underneath the dresses' large skirt.

However, at her London show she opted for a baggy co-ord but looking back at the videos now, her bump is basically on full display as she moves across the stage. One fan shared the below video, saying: "Easy to see that cute baby bump here!"

Not only have fans gone back to their videos and realised that she was hiding a six-month baby bump, they have also noticed that she was Easter egging her pregnancy the entire time.

In one video captured by a fan, Anne-Marie is singing her hit 'Rockabye' and she signals to her stomach as she sings the lyrics: "She just wants a life for her baby."

And at another show, during the same line, she mimicked giving birth. The caption reads: "How did we not notice?"

Anne-Marie wearing a smock dress while performing at the 2022 Splendour Festival
Anne-Marie wearing a smock dress while performing at the 2022 Splendour Festival. Picture: Getty

For years Anne-Marie has been wearing over-sized smock dresses and baggy fits so it's no surprise none of us suspected anything. And with her managing to keep her relationship to Slowthai a secret there was no reason to speculate.

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