Who Is AJ Odudu? Age, Height, Partner, Accent And Real Name

18 March 2024, 20:30

AJ Odudu hosted Celebrity Big Brother 2024 alongside Will Best
AJ Odudu hosted Celebrity Big Brother 2024 alongside Will Best. Picture: Getty

By Tiasha Debray

AJ Odudu is winning hearts on Celebrity Big Brother, and viewers want to know more about her. How old is she, how tall, what’s her real name and where’s her accent from? Here’s what we know.

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AJ Odudu is currently hosting Celebrity Big Brother alongside Will Best and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing them on our screens alongside the likes of Sharon Osborne, Love Island’s Ekin-Su and even Netflix’s Heartstopper star Bradley Riches.

The CBB host changed her name, like many celebrities, for work but her real name is Onatejiro Odudu which comes from Nigeria.

Whilst she’s best known for her work with Big Brother over the years, she’s also worked on Married At First Sight: Afters, Eurovision and Strictly Come Dancing.

But outside of Celebrity Big Brother, viewers want to know more about AJ Odudu. From her age and height to her partner and where her accent is from. Here’s what we know.

AJ Odudu's birth name is Onatejiro Odudu
AJ Odudu's birth name is Onatejiro Odudu. Picture: Getty

How old is AJ Odudu?

AJ is 36 years old and was born on the 12 of February, 1988, which makes her star sign an Aquarius.

Some common features of Aquarians may include being highly intellectual, creative and independent which seem to all be qualities that AJ prides herself on.

How tall is AJ Odudu?

AJ is reportedly 5 foot 7 inches which is 170.8 cm, this figure is shown on multiple sites online however fans of hers standby the fact that they think that she’s taller than reported.

On Celebrity Heights, a fan commented, “She's a strong 5’9 seen her with Lilah Parsons and they’re the same height” and another seemed to agree, writing, “She must be over that because she’s easily taller than Maya Jama.”

AJ Odudu's TV presenting career has spanned from 2009 to the present
AJ Odudu's TV presenting career has spanned from 2009 to the present. Picture: Getty

What is AJ Odudu's net worth?

AJ Odudu’s estimated net worth sits at around £1.2 million, however these figures are always to be taken with a grain of salt.

But with her TV presenting career spanning from 2009 to date, it’s no surprise that figure is as high as it is.

AJ’s featured on Big Brother, The Big Breakfast, SAS and more, so she’s pretty much covered all the classic hard hitters of good British television.

AJ Odudu and her Strictly Come Dancing partner Kai Widdrington were rumoured to be dating
AJ Odudu and her Strictly Come Dancing partner Kai Widdrington were rumoured to be dating. Picture: Getty

Who’s AJ Odudu’s husband?

As of writing, AJ is not married or dating anyone publicly.

However during her time on Strictly in 2021, rumours were swirling that her and her dance partner Kai Widdrington were dating.

When interviewed on Strictly: It Takes Two, Kai denied the rumours and went on to say, "Well, look. We said this right, and I said this to [AJ], if people react like this then it means we are doing something right, because that is the way the dance should be danced."

"If people want to think that, then great but we are just doing our jobs, she was doing her job," he said before explaining that their goal was do to the "passionate, fiery and intimate" dance justice.

AJ Odudu's accent is a Lancashire accent
AJ Odudu's accent is a Lancashire accent. Picture: Getty

AJ’s been open about her past relationship on television before, especially during her time on Celebrity SAS where she revealed she had been cheated on.

"I’ve been cheated on by three ex-boyfriends... One of them was sleeping with my best friends,” she said on the show.

So it’s no surprise the successful TV presenter is now taking her time in the dating world.

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Where is AJ Odudu’s accent from?

AJ’s accent is a Lancashire accent as she was born in Blackburn. Her mother is from Nigeria and still has her authentic Nigerian accent, something both of them are incredibly proud of.

AJ made an appearance on ITV show Lorraine and revealed that her mother really encouraged her to embrace her Lancashire accent for her career in presenting.

Host Lorraine Kelly told her: “I am so glad you didn’t change because a lot of people advised you [to]. They said ‘you will have to get rid of your accent change how you speak and not be you. You said no and I think that’s great."

AJ responded “It’s so interesting how people can judge you by how you speak, how you sound and what you look like… Thank goodness I still have my mum who still has the most glorious Nigerian accent.”

“She said: ‘No, you’re from where you are from and that is part of who you are so keep the accent’.”

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