When Is The Best Time To Post On Instagram In The UK?

28 May 2020, 17:33

When is the best time to post pictures and videos on Instagram?
When is the best time to post pictures and videos on Instagram? Picture: Instagram/PA

Viral challenges are taking over the app, but when is the best day and time post on Instagram?

Instagram has been full of content these days as people are busy taking part in challenges such as the Bill Clinton swag trend, Gibberish filter as well as taking part in viral dances.

With there being constant competition on social media apps such as TikTok, people have been wondering the best times to share their snaps.

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But when is the best time to post on Instagram in the UK so that you can get optimum views and likes?

Let’s take a look…

When is the best day and time to post on Instagram?

There are different aspects to take into account when wanting to achieve the optimum viewing time for your Instagram content and it depends on what your niche is, your audience age and what suits your profile.

Generally speaking, early mornings on weekdays are widely-known to be the best times to post content, between 5am-7am, as this is the time people are getting up to get ready for work or school.

Similarly, in the evenings around 7pm-9pm is a good time to post as people tend to be doing their post-work scroll through the app!

Prior to lockdown, weekends would tend to bring less engagement just because people are usually busier out and about on Saturdays and Sundays.

However, it all depends on your own specific audience because it’s too specific to generalise everybody in the UK.

The best thing to do is to test out your posts on various times throughout the day and week for around 2-4 weeks (the longer, the more specific your results) and average out which timings get you more interactions!

If you change your profile to a business page you can also check the number of engagements your posts are getting to narrow it down even more.

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