Shawn Mendes Fans Urge Each Other To ‘Please Respect’ Singer As He Battles Severe Cold

19 March 2019, 16:53

Shawn Mendes is currently resting his voice as he battles a cold
Shawn Mendes is currently resting his voice as he battles a cold. Picture: Getty

Shawn Mendes hasn’t been as interactive with his loyal fans recently, as the pop star is currently battling a severe cold.

Shawn Mendes is having to protect his voice and get plenty of rest after coming down with a bad cold in the midst of the European leg of his global tour.

In order to ensure a speedy recovery, Shawn – who usually stops for selfies and a chat with his fans – hasn’t been as interactive with the awaiting crowds.

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One fan caught the 'Stitches' singer on video explaining why he couldn't take selfies with them, telling a group of fans he doesn’t want to “get more sick”.

With a chunky scarf wrapped around his neck, Shawn said: “If I’m honest with you guys, I’m really worried about getting more sick for the show for the next couple of days. But I love you guys, thank you so much for coming out here.”

And in another clip shared on Twitter over the weekend, Shawn can be seen making his way to his car and gesturing with his hands to show he isn’t using his voice, while his security guard Jake explains the pop star won’t be taking any pictures as he’s trying to rest his voice.

At Shawn’s Monday night show he was still a little unwell, but put on an incredible show nonetheless.

But fans are now urging one another to respect his wishes and avoid asking for pictures, with one person writing: “If you are a real fan and you really love him, give him a rest don't stalk him and ask for photos and stuff wherever he goes.”

“Hey guys! Please respect that Shawn can’t take pictures and that he’s sick. It’s so disrespectful to just shove the phone in his face, even when he told clearly that he can’t take pictures,” wrote another person.

We hope you feel better soon, Shawn!

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