Shawn Mendes Is The Real Life Prince Eric And Fans Can't Get Over It

18 March 2019, 15:08 | Updated: 4 July 2019, 06:58

Shawn Mendes is being compared to Prince Eric
Shawn Mendes is being compared to Prince Eric. Picture: Getty

Shawn Mendes looks exactly like Prince Eric, and we can’t strop scrolling through this entire thread dedicated to the discovery.

Shawn Mendes’ smouldering good looks and Calvin Klein model confidence has fans comparing him to one of our favourite Disney princes – Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid.

A dedicated Shawn fan started a thread of side-by-side images of the similarity, and we still can’t get over how alike they look.

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One particular picture, of Shawn all dressed up in a dapper suit sitting with his hands in his lap, is the spitting image of a Prince Eric screenshot, as the Disney cartoon poses in the exact same position.

Their chiselled jaw is one spot-on similarity, but they even have the same surprised expression and wavy dark locks.

The fan even compared their profiles, showing the same straight teeth and prominent jaw.

Now we know the hype is all around a fictional character, but we can’t actually believe how similar these two look.

Shawn’s army could barely believe it themselves, with one person replying: “Wow thank you so much,” as another said: “I didn’t think I needed those two pictures side by side but now I see it and I thank you and appreciate you.”

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