Shawn Mendes' 'Secret Studio Habit' Is Just Too Damn Pure

18 July 2018, 16:58 | Updated: 18 July 2018, 17:26

Shawn Mendes Julia Michaels Studio

Shawn Mendes' good pal Julia Michaels has revealed just what he is like in the recording studio, and it includes a lot of moving around, and litres of water!

We've all wondered what Shawn Mendes gets up to when he shuts himself away and works on his albums, and just how his creative process works- and thanks to his good pal Julia Michaels, who split all the tea about his studio habits, now we know!

In an interview with Billboard, Julia revealed how Shawn's creative process works, and it sounds like he is all over the place, literally!

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She said: "He is so funny in the studio. He does this thing where he'll open like four water bottles and have them at different points in the studio, and by the end of the day they'll all be drunk."

"He’ll stand on the piano bench, then he’ll be on the floor playing the guitar, then he’ll be on the couch, then he’ll sit on the edge of the table.”

Hydration is the key to clear skin, we're glad you understand that Shawn.

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