After Admitting His Crush On Shawn Mendes, This Olympian’s Dreams Finally Came True

6 March 2018, 15:30 | Updated: 6 March 2018, 15:42

Prepare to get super damn jealous in 3...2...1...

When you've got a crush on a celebrity, meeting them is pretty much the ultimate goal. Trying to be seen on Twitter amongst the other millions of people who are probabaly crushing on them hard too is kinda tough though - so imagine if you had Ellen on your side!

That's exactly what happened to US Olympic Figure Skater Adam Rippon, because when he appeared on The Ellen Show recently, he revealed all about his crush on Shawn Mendes before his dreams came true.

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As the video above shows, Adam used to have a crush on One Direction lad Harry Styles before he realised he was "sleeping on Shawn Mendes". Obviously Adam was referring to the fact he hadn't noticed Shawn's beauty until late in the day, but the glow up is real people!

(GIF: Giphy)

Of course, there are plenty of us who have a bit of a thing for the 'Mercy' singer but like we said, when you've got Ellen on your side, miracles can happen.

So when Adam attended the Oscars recently and ended up face to face with his crush, we were not surprised. We don't know whether Ellen directly had anything to do with the meet, but we bet she was pretty happy when she saw Adam's tweet below.

The Olympic bronze medalist shared a selfie with Shawn from the Oscars with the caption 'Bruh', before later tweeting, 'I planted the seed and I saw the harvest. He is cute, he is sweet, and the other guy is .'

Whilst we know these two aren't about to become everyone's new favourite couple, we still love to see people's dreams come true.

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Whilst you're here, remind yourself of the time Shawn was forced to deny rumours that he was gay...