Shawn Mendes' Meditation Class: Fans Are Thirsty For A Session After Q&A

17 July 2019, 11:52

Shawn Mendes hosting a meditation session
Shawn Mendes hosting a meditation session. Picture: Getty

Shawn Mendes revealed that he'd like to turn a Q&A session into a meditation class after being quizzed by a fan.

Shawn Mendes regularly invites fans for Q&A sessions during his tour dates and it seems like he's got a whole new plan for how he's going to do them after hinting at the possibility of a 'meditation class'.

Although he gave the answer to a fan back in March, it seems as if fans still haven't let go of the idea of a Shawn-led class.

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Shawn Mendes takes to the stage during his 2019 tour
Shawn Mendes takes to the stage during his 2019 tour. Picture: Getty

A fan prompted Shawn to reveal how he "was actually thinking about turning the Q&A into a big meditation class". Before the 'Stitches' star asked the room to close their eyes and take a deep breath.

Of course, even a few months later, fans are still craving the Shawny-sesh on Twitter...

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