Shawn Mendes' New Documentary Is Confirmed: Here's Where To Watch It

12 September 2018, 12:43 | Updated: 12 September 2018, 12:47

Shawn Mendes Is Starring In A New YouTube Documentary
Shawn Mendes Is Starring In A New YouTube Documentary. Picture: Getty/Twitter

Shawn Mendes is the star of a new documentary and we finally have details about it!

Shawn Mendes was reportedly filming for a new documentary earlier in 2018, but since then there haven't been any more details released and everything went a bit quiet... until now!

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Casey Neistat, the YouTube star who's making the documentary with Shawn has finally revealed some details about the project and it's fair to say we're pretty hyped.

When quizzed by fans about the Shawn documentary, Casey initially said, 'the @ShawnMendes doc is coming!! it's something i am so so proud of and is a kind of filmmaking that my audience hasn't seen from me before. we are working through insane clearance issues (nothing bad, just tedious) but it is coming!!! and will be on YOuTube!!!'

That news alone sparked fans into a frenzy and basically had us all asing so many more questions. When would the film come out? Where will we be able to watch it? Thankfully Casey did answer some of them...

Where can I watch the Shawn Mendes documentary?

According to producer Casey Neistat, the documentary will be released on YouTube and is set to be released as part of YouTube's Artist Spotlight Story series.

When is the Shawn Mendes documentary release date?

Unfortunately the release date for the documentary is unkwon at the moment and it appears the release has been delayed due to clearance issues.

With Casey tweeting about, we're hoping that means that we won't have to wait too long until we get an official release date, so keep your fingers crossed.

How long will the Shawn Mendes documentary be?

Fans will be pleased to hear that the documentary will be 14 minutes long - so that's a whole 14 minutes of unseen Shawn Mendes footage that's about to become your new favourite video of all time.

Who else will be in the Shawn Mendes documentary?

As far as we know, the only official cameo that's been revealed is Casey Neistat and he took to Twitter to reveal, 'i gave myself 1 cameo in it'.

What will happen in the Shawn Mendes documentary?

Shawn Mendes will ride a skateboard through an airport. Yep, so far only one still has been released from the documentary and it shows Shawn riding Casey's skateboard through an airport.

After Shawn recently injured himself falling off a scooter, Casey went on to explain that he's a decent skateboarder and so definitely didn't fall off that!

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