WATCH: Shawn Mendes "Fell Off A Bird" And Injured His Beautiful Face...

11 September 2018, 10:38 | Updated: 18 September 2018, 14:15

Shawn Mendes showed his bruised face to his 35.9 million followers on Instagram Story, after having an accident.

Shawn Mendes is officially the world's most gorgeous man. Even with a big, bushy beard, he still likes fiiiiiine.

But our little baby has had a bit of an accident and nearly ruined that mug of his, after he "fell off a bird".

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We're imagining him sat atop a flamingo and taking a tumble, too, but it turns out that he actually fell off of a scooter.

Shawn took to Instagram Stories to share to short clips of his injured face, and shared them to his 35.9 million followers.

Pray for Shawn's gorgeous face.

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