Louis Tomlinson Moved To Tears After Contestant He Helped Through Problems Returns To X Factor Auditions

27 July 2018, 11:06 | Updated: 27 July 2018, 11:16

Louis Tomlinson X Factor

Louis Tomlinson helped one of last year's contestants, Anthony Russell through a dark period that caused them to quit the show, and as he returned to audition again this year- Louis got to judge him first hand!

Louis Tomlinson got a little more than he bargained for on the X Factor judging panel when one of last year's contestant's, Liverpudlian Anthony Russell, who Louis befriended and helped through a dark period which caused him to quit the show, returned to perform in front of the singer, much to his surprise.

Louis Tomlinson's X Factor Judge Explanation Splits Fans

In what's a pretty emotional set of events, Louis, although refusing to 'judge' Anthony as he knew him, was moved to tears witnessing his return to the X Factor stage.

Louis became a massive fan of Anthony's during last series, and reached out to help him upon hearing how his X Factor journey had been cut short by needing to deal with 'personal problems'.

A source close to the star says: "He got in touch with Anthony as soon as he left the show last year and has been a constant friend to him in the last year."

Louis has spoken about the friendship the pair struck up, saying: “He has had some struggles. I have really got to know him and his family and he is a really lovely guy.”

We're so here for this X Factor friendship, maybe Louis will even get to mentor him too?! 

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