Louis Tomlinson's X Factor Judge Explanation Splits Fans

18 July 2018, 11:16 | Updated: 18 July 2018, 12:04

Louis Tomlinson took to Twitter to explain his decision about becoming a judge on the X Factor and One Direction fans are divided on how they feel about the whole thing.

Having joined Simon Cowell, Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda Field as part of the new X Factor judges panel, Louis Tomlinson decided to take to Twitter to speak directly to his fans about his latest career choice.

Many fans had been concerned that Louis' solo career might be delayed by his new role on the X Factor and feared that new music and live shows would be put on hold in order for the One Direction lad to concentrate on his new position.

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Thankfully Louis cleared people's worries up in the video above, explaining, "I just want everyone to not worry too much about the album. As I said in the press confrence it's still definitely my priority. It doesn't change any release time or anything, me doing the show. I just thought that having come from the show, it made a lot of sense to me to go on."


8 years ago today. The skinny tie and shirt combo was a must back then

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He went on to add, "As soon as I got the assurance that it wasn't gonna impact on my music, actually it was gonna help it, then I could start seriously thinking about it."

But Louis' assurances weren't enough to calm some fans' worries and the reaction to the news on Twitter was certainly mixed from people...

We're sure that Louis is gonna do a brilliant job on the X Factor and if it's not gonna impact on the release of new music then we're certainly not complaining - more Lpouis on our screens and new music on the way, what's not to love?

Someone who's definitely looking forward to catching Louis on his TV soon is Niall Horan and he took to Twitter to share his congratulations at the news with his friend...

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