OMG. Louis Tomlinson Wrote Something On A Piece Of Paper & This 1D Fan Got It Tattooed On Their Body

15 August 2016, 15:34

Louis Tomlinson fan gets tattooed of his handwriti

As you do...

Anyone else missing One Direction as much as us? 

Anyone got a One Direction tattoo yet?

> Sorry, Perrie Edwards, But Your DILF Of A Dad Had The Perfect Response To Being A DILF!

One Direction at 106.1 KISS FM's Jingle Ball 2015

Well, yes, actually… they have. 

Louis Tomlinson continued to be the babe that he is when he wrote a One Direction song title on a piece of paper for a fan to get tattooed on herself. 

Although, this isn’t the first time that Directioners have gone ink-crazy. 

Shoutout to when Niall got asked to do the same thing and he wrote the famous “it all worked out” phrase for a fan which she ended up getting tattooed.  

Naturally, the whole thing has been documented on Twitter and Directioners have gone a bit crazy for it.  

Turns out, whoever she was out and about with was quite a dab hand with a camera because they managed to get some seriously adorable snaps of Louis giving her a hug.  

BRB. Just going to cry into a hole of jealousy.

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