Sorry, Perrie Edwards, But Your DILF Of A Dad Had The Perfect Response To Being A DILF!

Perrie Edwards' Dad

You know Perrie's dad's a pure bonafide hottie when he manages to - somehow - upstage Perrie actual Edwards in a photo. You go, sir!

In the words of the 2003 hit by Fountains of Wayne, Perrie's dad has got it going on. (At least that's how we think the song should go, considering 90% of us still have him as our phone wallpapers.)

While Little Mix's Perrie celebrated her 23rd birthday, we watched Instagram for every second of the day, expecting to see magnificent scenery; cool party games and chocolate fountains. We weren't expecting to see this...

> It Looks Like Zayn Malik’s Finally Had His Tattoo Of Perrie Edwards Covered Up…

The 'Hair' singer released her DILF of a father onto the world when she uploaded a snap of the two of them partying, and - quite frankly - NO-ONE could handle it. Not even Perrie, herself, who said "I cannot get over it. It's absolutely hilarious. I posted the picture, right, just me and my dad casually hanging out at my birthday. The next thing you know, Twitter and Instagram are blowing up as I'm on my way to work the next day."

Perrie Edwards Pink Hair

And the best part? Being the total BOSS that he clearly is, he totally embraced it "He loved it, he was like 'I'm doing alreet for being nearly sixty, like.'" Just in case you didn't know the tattoos and facial hair didn't make him a legend amongst us mere men...


Dads here... Birthday shindig Round two

A photo posted by Perrie Edwards (@perrieeele) onJul 10, 2016 at 7:59am PDT

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