WATCH: Louis Tomlinson Reveals His New Single 'Back To You' Is NOT About His Real Relationship

21 July 2017, 09:53

Fans were quick to assume the track might be about his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder.

Everyone's got that one ex that they keep going back to, time and time again - so it's no wonder fans were quick to compare the track to Louis Tomlinson's real life love-life - but he's confirmed the track is not to do with his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder. 

Stopping by the Capital Studio, Louis revealed that although there might be similarities to the fact he got back together with his ex, the track is not about a real life situation he is going through. 

He told us, "I’m sure anyone who knows my personal life will think that it is, but actually this song was quite refreshing for me because I’m sure once the album comes out you’ll maybe be able to understand this more, but the whole album is about very, very personal things and me kind of opening up about my last three years. 

"So it was nice to have this song that I felt a little bit more detatched from in terms of concept. We just drew from the most extreme scenario of that kind of relationship as there are a lot of people who find themselves in that sort of relationship where you’re kind of stuck in whatever and as much as you might irritate each other, whatever happens you just keep coming back to each other. I think it’s relatable to a certain degree but not necessarily specifically to me."

Well, that's cleared that up then! 'Back To You' featuring Bebe Rex and Digital Farm Animals is out now - and it's a big, big tune! 

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