Justin Bieber Slid Into Someone's DM's Who Said They Preferred Harry Styles' Album

18 February 2020, 10:51 | Updated: 18 February 2020, 11:07

Justin Bieber responded to Maria Ciuffo's review of his album
Justin Bieber responded to Maria Ciuffo's review of his album. Picture: Getty

New York radio host Maria Ciuffo was sent a DM by Justin Bieber after she tweeted her thoughts on his new album 'Changes'.

Justin Bieber's new album 'Changes' is already loved by his fans (as you saw when we sent some Beliebers to an album listening party) however Sirius XM host Maria Ciuffo isn't that impressed.

The radio host playfully tweeted 'I had to put on the Fine Line Harry Styles album to get the bad taste of Justin Bieber’s Changes out of my mouth' and Biebz couldn't help but drop her a DM.

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Justin Bieber's new album 'Changes' is out now
Justin Bieber's new album 'Changes' is out now. Picture: Getty

Bieber sent the DM whilst Maria was recording her podcast and her reaction was as epic as you'd expect... note the hand on heart moment. Justin messaged Maria with the words 'too bad' after her honest review of the new album.

Maria hilariously responded to his DM with the title of one of his own singles, 'is it too late now to say sorry?'. Fans loved the interaction between the two, with one tweeting, 'The absolute BEST response you could ever have to this DM', with another adding, 'No ones talking bout how you made him wait 26 minutes for a response. Huge power move that I respect from you'.

Justin Bieber and Maria Ciuffo's message exchange
Justin Bieber and Maria Ciuffo's message exchange. Picture: Maria Ciuffo/Twitter

On the podcast, Maria said, 'The thing is, if I didn't tweet that, Justin Bieber wouldn't gave DM'd me', adding, 'however, i'm not happy now that Justin Bieber only DM'd me due to the fact I had to listen to the Harry Styles album'.

She also said how she 'felt like she was dreaming'... which we 100%, whole heartedly understand!

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