Demi Lovato Squashes Feud Rumours With Taylor Swift After Showing Support On Instagram

2 September 2019, 17:38

The pair shared a sweet interaction on social media.
The pair shared a sweet interaction on social media. Picture: instagram

Demi Lovato has shared supportive messages on Instagram to squash the feud rumours between her and Taylor Swift.

Demi Lovato has taken to Instagram to show her support for fellow artist Taylor Swift.

Many fans assumed the two weren’t on good terms with each other after Demi defended her manager Scooter Braun when Taylor Swift accused him of bullying her.

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Demi Lovato Shares Supportive Message To Taylor Swift
Demi Lovato Shares Supportive Message To Taylor Swift. Picture: Instagram

Demi put the rumours to rest when she shared a screenshot of Taylor’s song, ‘Cruel Summer’, calling it a ‘jam’.

She then shared a message on her Instagram story, saying: “Life’s too short for women to not support other women…especially when they release great music.

“Great job @taylorswift.”

The ‘Lover’ singer responded by reposting the story and said: “This is so awesome & put the biggest smile on my face.

“Thank you @ddlovato.”

The alleged feud had been going on for years when Demi called out Taylor for allegedly bringing Katy Perry down in the ‘Bad Blood’ video.

At the time, Demi spoke to Refinery29 saying: “Listen, there’s nothing positive that comes from pitting women against each other.

“There are women that I don’t get along with, and that’s fine.”

Demi Lovato Shuts Down Feud Rumours
Demi Lovato Shuts Down Feud Rumours. Picture: Twitter

She recently told her fans on her Instagram that she wouldn’t be attending the VMA’s ‘for a reason’.

However, she was quick to shut down claims that it was to avoid seeing Taylor.

Demi posted on her story, saying: “"Btw.. I didn't 'shade' anyone last night.

"My REASON for not going is because I'm literally living my dream being on Will & Grace rn, so stop reaching thaaaaannnnkkssss."

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