Ariana Grande: Unpopular Opinion Twitter Thread Has Fans Saying It Like It Is

13 March 2019, 14:02

Ariana Grande unpopular opinion on Twitter
Ariana Grande unpopular opinion on Twitter. Picture: YouTube/Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Diaries

Ariana Grande is the latest star to get the 'unpopular opinion' treatment on Twitter where fans step into share some of their true feelings about the singer.

Ariana Grande's unpopular opinion Twitter thread is the latest addition to the social media trend where fans step into the conversation to drop some of their shady/controversial opinions they have about the star and their music.

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From secretly hating her trademark ponytail, to shading some of her biggest hits, Ari has millions of loyal fans, but they used the conversation to air some of their secret thoughts.

Others called out the fact that they think her track from Sweetener, Pete Davidson, is actually a really good song but fans only call it 'trash' because she split from the SNL comedian.

There was a whole lot of debate about which her best album was, with some fans saying they 'don't even listen to Sweetener any more' and slating its producer, Pharrell Williams, and many said Dangerous Woman was her best record.

Not escaping the shade of Ari's fandom, the singer's merchandise team even got called out, with it being labelled 'expensive' has people wondering 'what happened'.

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