Harry Styles: Unpopular Opinion Twitter Thread Reveals What Fans Really Think

12 March 2019, 15:46 | Updated: 13 March 2019, 11:14

Harry Styles unpopular opinion thread on Twitter has fans telling truths
Harry Styles unpopular opinion thread on Twitter has fans telling truths. Picture: Splash News/PA

Warning, some may find the opinions about Harry Styles that lie within this article controversial, so brace yourselves, because Twitter has spoken.

The latest star to get the unpopular opinion treatment is none other than Harry Styles himself, and fans have taken to Twitter to off load on some of their deepest, darkest opinions about the 'Sign Of The Times' singer.

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From deserving a grammy, to admitting that some of his biggest hits weren't actually their favourite songs by Haz, the thread saw fans reveal their true thoughts about the 25-year-old.

There was a huge response with a variety of differing views, with entering the bull ring saying that they preferred him (and One Direction bandmates) as solo artists and we can hear the screams of Directioners everywhere as they read it.

One fan took the opportunity to call out people who disregard his music because of his boyband origins, and to praise some of the album tracks from his self titled album.

Someone even admitted that they wanted to see Harry revert back to his trademark skinny jeans and Chelsea boot look, before his style turned to the more flamboyant, printed suits he sported during the tour of his first solo album.

Harry hasn't posted on Instagram since last July, when he told fans at the end of his tour that he was going to be taking a break to go and write new music, which fans are eagerly awaiting.

Last but not least, there was this person who took the 'unpopular opinion' thread at it's word and stepped into the chat to share her truth, and we're pretty surprised that this fan took it so well!

Harry Styles unpopular opinion thread on Twitter
Harry Styles unpopular opinion thread on Twitter. Picture: Twitter

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