Joe Jonas Wrote Harry Styles A Song Proving He's A Total Stan

5 March 2019, 17:19

Joe Jonas just proved he's on our level of Harry Styles fandom by dedicating an entire song to him.

Joe Jonas, it turns out, is a big Harry Styles fan (just like us), so much so, he's 'written' a song about old Haz, and his brother Nick managed to persuade him to sing it.

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During an interview with Sirius XM Hits 1 about their Jonas Brothers reunion, Nick asked his bro if he'd 'ever written a song named after Harry Styles?'

Joe replied: "Yeah, Nick, actually, it's called Harry Styled-s... Harry Styled me" and continued on to give us a re-vamped version of Barry Manilo's 'Mandy'.

"Oh Harry, you came and you dressed me, it was nice".

Naturally, fans are getting pretty excited about the interaction of two of their faves and it's got us wondering if we could ever hope for a collaboration from them in the future?

The Jo-Bros told us they've made a whole lot of new music, two albums worth in fact, for their reunion after a six year split, so they've clearly got a lot in store for us on top of their new single 'Sucker.'

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