Ariana Grande Defends Meeting With Piers Morgan In Lengthy Twitter Rant After Backlash

22 February 2019, 17:06 | Updated: 22 February 2019, 17:08

Ariana Grande shared a lengthy Twitter rant defending her meeting with Piers Morgan
Ariana Grande shared a lengthy Twitter rant defending her meeting with Piers Morgan. Picture: Getty / Ariana Grande/Twitter / Piers Morgan/Twitter

Ariana Grande has been forced to defend her meeting with journalist and TV presenter Piers Morgan, after fans questioned her decision following Piers’ remarks about Little Mix last year.

Ariana Grande recently revealed she met with controversial journalist Piers Morgan for a “productive conversation” about feminism, with their chat involving “tears and laughter”.

The 7 Rings hitmaker took to Twitter to reveal what they spoke about and Piers even shared a smiley selfie of them together.

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However, the 25 year old faced backlash from a few people after they brought up Piers’ remarks about Little Mix and Ariana – in November the Good Morning Britain host accused the girls of “using nudity to sell records”.

Ariana Grande said she 'just wanted to speak her mind'
Ariana Grande said she 'just wanted to speak her mind'. Picture: Ariana Grande/Twitter

So after they put their feud to rest earlier this week, Ariana had to defend their meet-up and she cleared everything up with a lengthy Twitter rant to her 61 million followers.

When one fan tweeted the star saying he “body shamed Little Mix”, Ari clapped back: “And we spoke about that... I am a peaceful but passionate person and I will kindly say everything on my mind to a person’s face if I have the chance. Which I did.”

Explaining she “saw an opportunity to pick someone so opposite’s brain”, the singer added that she “won’t apologise for trying”.

And when one follower hit back: “Ariana’s complacency is especially disappointing”, she insisted she was anything but complacent: “It saddens me that you’d assume that just because I have hope that a person can change. I won’t stop having conversations with people I disagree with.”

Some fans tried to encourage the singer to ignore the backlash, but she remained adamant: “It’s just important to me. I’m not tryna be misunderstood when it’s of this much importance tbh [sic].”

She finished her rant saying she “just wanted to try and speak her mind”.

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