Pete Davidson Has Deleted His Instagram Account Following Reports Of His Split With Ariana Grande

15 October 2018, 06:53 | Updated: 15 October 2018, 10:24

Pete Davidson deletes his Instagram account
Pete Davidson deletes his Instagram account. Picture: Instagram

The fallout of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's split is already starting to show after Pete's disappearance from social media favourite Instagram.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have reportedly split up and called off their engagement which means the social media fallout has begun. It looks as though Pete has deleted his entire Instagram account as well as Ariana disabling comments on her own account.

This is not the first time Ariana Grande has disabled the comments on her Instagram account, the first time was following the death of her ex, rapper Mac Miller.

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Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson together on Instagram
Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson together on Instagram. Picture: Instagram

Reports broke that the couple had split after TMZ reported the separation late Sunday evening. There were rumblings of the couple having trouble after Pete was spotted with his Ariana bunny ears tattoo covered up on his neck.

Fans have understandably come through for their queen and are supporting Ari through this tough time:

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Pete had previously elaborated on how dating Ariana Grande had caused some problems, with the actor even receiving several death threats...