Ariana Grande Reveals Sweetener Tour Live Album Track List

11 December 2019, 11:02 | Updated: 11 December 2019, 11:06

Ariana Grande tells fans she's started working toward another album
Ariana Grande tells fans she's started working toward another album. Picture: Twitter @Arianagrande/ Getty Images

Ariana Grande is busy working on a live album of her Sweetener Tour- a live collection of her favourite moments including those amazing ad-libs.

Ariana Grande has revealed the track list to her live album and has begun compiling some of her favourite moments from the Sweetener World Tour, including some of her awe inspiring ad-libs that fans look forward to so much at her concerts.

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Ariana Grande reveals the track list for her live Sweetener Tour album
Ariana Grande reveals the track list for her live Sweetener Tour album. Picture: arianagrande/ Instagram

Including every tune she's sang across the worldwide tour, fans are buzzing they're favourite album tracks are on there, especially breathin', which, if you haven't heard her sing live yet, is going to blow you away.

Not only, that, but she pretty much confirmed in a tweet we're getting in before the year is out, which is incredibly soon, and we'd call that a Christmas miracle.

Ari is combing through some of her tour highlights and picking out moment she likes for a potential live album- something fans have long since asked for, as she's one of the most outstanding live vocalists around, and she constantly switches up her songs during concerts.

Posting to Twitter, the singer wrote: "so .... i got a bunch of my live vocals from tour on my laptop thanks to johnny and toby...about to start comping thru and picking my favorite adlibs / performance moments on this flight ... just in case u want a live album one day."

The '7 Rings' singer has officially wrapped up over 80 Sweetener shows as she heads back to North America for the next leg of the world tour, and somehow the GRAMMY winner still has the energy to work on a potential new album, which is exactly what makes her fandom love her so much.

Fans took to Twitter to express their disbelief the star would even include the phrase 'in case' the fans want its a total no brainer.

One fan wrote, "in case you want” btch.... IN CASE? we’ve been begging for a live album for so long now omg."

Another said, "a live album... from my favourite tour.... watch me listen to nothing else for the rest of my life."

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