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Rita Ora, Roman Kemp and Vick Hope Oxford Street

You'll Feel Hella Festive Seeing Rita Ora Turn On The Oxford Street Lights With Roman Kemp And Vick

Rita Ora on Capital Breakfast w/ Roman Kemp

WATCH: Rita Ora Rings Up A Pub And... Throws A Sickie For A Job She Doesn't Even Have?!

Rita Ora Defends Sexy Photos on Ellen

WATCH: Rita Ora Defends Her Love For Posting Sexy Selfies On Insta With Some Pretty Sound Advice...

Ed Sheeran Rita Ora Acoustic Your Song

WATCH: Ed Sheeran & Rita Ora Join Forces To Sing A Stunning Acoustic Version Of 'Your Song'

Jennifer Lawrence Fake Walk-Out

From Niall Horan To Justin Bieber - 18 Times Celeb Interviews Got SERIOUSLY Awkward

Justin Bieber Rita Ora

WATCH: Rita Ora & Justin Bieber Sing Together – Does This Mean There’s A Duet On The Way?

Rita Ora Karaoke

WATCH: Rita Ora Totally Smashes A Karaoke Cover Of Beyonce’s ‘Countdown’

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Lonely Together (Danny Dove Remix)
Avicii feat. Rita Ora