Zayn Says Lockdown Is Driving Him 'Crazy' & Talks About Life With Gigi Hadid

17 March 2021, 12:56

Zayn talks about lockdown and Gigi Hadid
Zayn talks about lockdown and Gigi Hadid. Picture: Instagram @zayn

Zayn has opened up about struggling with lockdown and life with Gigi Hadid in an interview with GQ.

Zayn says he's finally reached his limit with lockdown (same, hun) despite not being someone who leaves the house a whole lot while opening up about life in an interview with GQ.

The 'Vibez' singer admitted COVID-19 restrictions are driving him 'crazy' but the advantage is, he has always been someone who enjoys his own space, something we know he has plenty of, living on a giant farm with girlfriend, Gigi Hadid!

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The 28-year-old said: "I think the quarantine has affected me in the same way as everyone else."

"I am not a person that spends too much time outside home or outdoors and I like to have my own space, so that is the only advantage."

"Other than that now it is also driving me crazy."

Zayn and Gigi dress up as their favourite movie characters for Halloween
Zayn and Gigi dress up as their favourite movie characters for Halloween. Picture: Instagram @gigihadid

As well all know, Zayn and Gigi welcomed their first baby, a daughter called Khai, during lockdown in 2020 and have been adjusting to life as a family ever since.

From designing the nursery to spending quality time with their little girl, Zayn also revealed he's been showing his supermodel gf his favourite movies in their spare time.

He said: "I watch a lot of Bollywood movies – and I have many favourites. I love all the classics, I started showing them to my girl now too, and she watches them with me."

It is no secret these two are one of our favourite couples, constantly making us cry with their cuteness, and we've been loving seeing them share more of their daughter with the world recently.

However, Gigi accidentally posted a snap of Khai's face recently, and fans rallied around to stop its spread online in an impressive display of loyalty.

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