Zayn Lets Gigi Hadid Know How Much He Loves Her With 'Better' Lyrics

25 September 2020, 10:44 | Updated: 2 October 2020, 22:04

Zayn sings about his love for Gigi Hadid in 'Better'
Zayn sings about his love for Gigi Hadid in 'Better'. Picture: YouTube 'Better/ Instagram @gigihadid

Zayn has dropped 'Better' and the lyrics give a better insight into his relationship with Gigi Hadid- and spoiler, turns out they're seriously in love.

Zayn has finally dropped 'Better', his first solo music since 2018, and the lyrics shed more light on his love for girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, and their notoriously private relationship, including hints they could even already be married.

So, let's take a look at the 'Better' lyrics and everything the singer says about and Gigi's romance.

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ZAYN - Better (Official Video)

The pair have just welcomed their baby to the world, and it appears Zayn hints at this in the song, which says:

In too deep, we're rearranged
Now you wanna ask for names

They haven't yet revealed the name of their little girl, and we can't wait to hear it.

Singing about their love, which started all those years ago in 2015 when they headed out on a date in NYC after meeting at the VMAs.

The former One Direction singer talks about them being 'in too deep' and asking why they would ruin the years of the relationship they have built together.

'Cause obviously, we go back
So why would we ruin that?
In too deep, we're rearranged
Now you wanna ask for names

Since dropping 'Pillowtalk' back in 2016, featuring Gigi herself and talking about their passionate love for each other, Zayn has continued to sing about his girlfriend, who has been a muse to much of his music.

He isn't afraid of singing about how deep he is into their love, as these lyrics reiterate- also spy the Vegas nods to gambling.

I fell in, I'm falling, I'm for you
I can't let you fall through the floor too
It's a gamble to take any more of you
(It's a gamble to take-take more you)

Fans are going one further and dissecting the music video, where Zayn is getting all dressed up in a suit in a hotel room, which he filmed in Las Vegas, sparking speculation the video is about him getting ready for his and Gigi's wedding day.

We love a theory, and he is definitely getting ready for some fancy event, so is this whole song a big tease to the fact they have already tied the knot?

A fan excitedly took to Twitter, writing:


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