Love Island Fans Think They’ve Worked Out Why Liberty Poole Is Crying

19 August 2021, 10:18

Love Island: Liberty breaks down after fears she and Jake aren't right for each other

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Love Island fans were left heartbroken after seeing the new teaser of Liberty Poole in tears at the end of the last episode.

Love Island left fans teary-eyed on Wednesday night after we caught a glimpse of Liberty Poole crying in a teaser for Thursday’s episode.

In the clip, we see Lib breaking down in a discussion with boyfriend Jake Cornish and hinted they may have come to the end of their relationship.

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The teaser shows Liberty walking from the garden to the villa as she takes her microphone off and she doesn’t look happy.

In the next shot, we see Lib joined by Jake as she breaks down in tears, telling him: “I just don’t think we’re right for each other.”

Liberty gets upset as she speaks to Jake in the latest Love Island episode teaser
Liberty gets upset as she speaks to Jake in the latest Love Island episode teaser. Picture: ITV2
Fans have been trying to work out why Love Island's Liberty is sobbing
Fans have been trying to work out why Love Island's Liberty is sobbing. Picture: ITV2

Despite the pair having had a rocky week, it’s safe to say Lib’s admission wasn’t what viewers were expecting as many people rushed to Twitter to try and work out what led to the conversation.

Some fans think they’ve sussed it out, with many assuming that a challenge must've had something to do with it.

The challenge fans are speculating about, in particular, is the famous tweet/headline challenge, where random tweets from fans or headlines in the media throughout any time of the show are read out to the contestants, with their names missing.

The objective is for the contestants to fill in the blanks with Islanders’ names to find out who the tweet/headline is about.

The savage challenge has been known to get in the way of relationships in the past and now some viewers are convinced that this is what led to Lib sobbing.

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One fan speculated: “Liberty isn’t crying because of Jake it’s because of the tweet challenge guys #LoveIsland.”

“Liberty is in tears so did they do the tweet challenge? #LoveIsland,” asked another viewer.

A third tweeted: “Also think tomorrow must be the tweet challenge to make Liberty react that way #LoveIsland.”

“Guys I have a feeling the tweet challenge happened because why else would liberty be heartbroken all of a sudden #LoveIsland,” speculated another.

Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2.

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