Why Is Adele's Album Called '30'?

15 October 2021, 11:16

SO, why did Adele call her album 30?
SO, why did Adele call her album 30? Picture: Adele/Instagram

By Savannah Roberts

The 33-year-old songstress has named her album '30' – here's why...

Adele has officially kicked off her new era with the long-awaited release of 'Easy On Me'.

The heartbreak ballad is the lead single from the songwriting sensation’s fourth studio album, '30' – but why has she titled her new album as such when she is, in fact, 33?

Adele's 'Easy On Me' Lyrics: Inside The Heartbreak Comeback

Here’s the lowdown on the meaning behind all of Adele’s album titles and the ages that inspired them!

Adele teases snippet of Easy On Me during Instagram Live

Adele has released her first single from '30'
Adele has released her first single from '30'. Picture: Adele/YouTube

We're in the throes of Adele’s highly-anticipated comeback! After a five-year hiatus, fans have been treated to a tear-jerker of a track – what else would we expect from this music icon!

'30' follows the mega-success of the 'Hello' singer's 2015 album '25' as she continues the numbered titles trend.

The hit-maker had previously referred to her first three records as a trilogy as they were all themed by the age she was when she wrote them.

Fans were surprised that Adele decided to continue the tradition with the latest instalment of her discography.

Adele's fourth studio album arrives in November
Adele's fourth studio album arrives in November. Picture: Adele/Instagram

The mum-of-one is 33 years old...so why is the album called 30?

Each project is based on a period of Adele's life, by the time she has written, recorded and produced all the tracks, she’s typically a couple of years older than the title leads fans to believe.

She previously spoke on this habit when promoting '25', revealing to Zane Lowe: "I was 20 when 19 came out. I was 23 when 21 came out. I am 27. And so proud of being 27, thanks very much."

Her new record, coming out November 19th, explores her family life, divorce and heartbreak – 'Easy On Me' gives insight into what direction the emotive '30' will take...

November can't come soon enough!

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