Is there an XO, Kitty book? Here's what Jenny Han has said

19 May 2023, 12:45

XO, Kitty - inside the character

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

What happens to Kitty in the XO, Kitty books? Here's everything you need to know.

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XO, Kitty is To All the Boys I've Loved Before author Jenny Han's new show. Is there a book though and what happens in it?

Jenny Han has a way with writing beloved books and adapting them into incredibly successful films and TV shows. From the To All the Boys trilogy to The Summer I Turned Pretty, fans can't get enough of Jenny Han's projects and they've both led to many viewers discovering the books they're based on for the first time. You need to read the books to get the full story.

If you've finished XO, Kitty, chances are you want to know more, so is there a book and what has Jenny Han said about it?

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Is there an XO, Kitty book? Here's what Jenny Han has said
Is there an XO, Kitty book? Here's what Jenny Han has said. Picture: Netflix

Unfortunately for fans of XO, Kitty wanting to read the book version, and find out what happens next, there isn't one just yet. In fact, it's possible that XO, Kitty will never have a book accompaniment. Unlike To All the Boys, XO, Kitty was written as a To All the Boys spin-off specifically for TV. In other words, there was never a book version of XO, Kitty to adapt on screen.

XO, Kitty came into fruition because Anna Cathcart's portrayal of Kitty in To All the Boys was so popular and fans wanted to see more of her. Speaking to CinemaBlend about creating XO, Kitty, Jenny Han said: "For XO Kitty. I approached it like if I was gonna do another book for Kitty, then what story would I wanna tell? And that was my jumping off point."

As for if there will be a book, Jenny said: "Probably not. I mean, never say never, but, I think that it really works well as a TV show and I think people will be excited to see Kitty growing up and will meet her like the same age as we met Lara Jean, which I think is always fun when you grow up with somebody to come back and see them a little bit older."

What happens in the XO, Kitty books?
What happens in the XO, Kitty books? Picture: Netflix

So there we have it. No, XO, Kitty book for now but Jenny did say "never say never" so there could be a Kitty book in the future. For now, we'll have to wait until XO, Kitty season 2 to find out what Kitty does next.

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