Stranger Things Are Finally Revealing What Happened To Will Byers In The Upside Down

25 June 2018, 16:16

Will Byers aka Noah Schnapp in Stranger Things

The first couple of seasons of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things never showed us what happened to Will Byers during his time in the upside down, but now we're finally finding out!

If you're a fan of Stranger Things then you'll know two things - Steve Harrington is the greatest father around and that Hawkins is not a place you'd wanna go for a holiday.

One thing you won't know, however big a fan you are, is what the heck happened to Will Byers whilst he was stuck in the upside down!?

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Well it turns out that we're about to find out because the show's creators have commissioned a mini series of comic books which will tell us everything we've wanted to know and we couldn't be more excited!

According to publishers Dark Horse Comics, the first lot of comics will allow fans “an opportunity to explore the mysterious world of Hawkins, Indiana” which means we're gonna find out about the monsters, how they live and everything else to do with the Upside Down!

We'll get our first taste on Will's story this September, with the first edition of the comic series set for release on 26th September.

It's fair to say that Will Byers/Noah Schnapp fans are pretty excited about the new comic...

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