Millie Bobby Brown confirms Stranger Things 4 filming starts soon

9 January 2020, 12:37

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Filming for season 4 is set to begin in Lithuania before returning to the usual set in Atlanta, Georgia.

The wait to find out what happens next is almost over... kind of. Stranger Things 4 is reportedly set to start filming very soon, according to Millie Bobby Brown.

Ever since season 3 dropped on Netflix, there's been several rumours and a lot of speculation about when the cast will return to work to get started on season 4.

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Millie's on and off-screen partner in crime Noah Schnapp previously hinted that the new season was set to start filming in January 2020 but while production may have already begun, it sounds like filming for the main cast may not actually start for a bit.

During a short Instagram Q&A, Millie has now confirmed that season 4 of the Netflix series is set to begin filming "early this year".

Millie Bobby Brown confirms Stranger Things 4 filming starts "early this year"
Millie Bobby Brown confirms Stranger Things 4 filming starts "early this year". Picture: Millie Bobby Brown via Instagram

Of course, early this year could mean this month, it could mean February or it could even mean March. So far, we know that writing is well underway and the first episode is finished. Shared by the Stranger Things writers room Twitter account, season 4 episode 1 will be titled 'The Hellfire Club' and it's already spawned a ton of theories about how season 4 will start.

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It's also been recently reported by Murphys Multiverse that filming for the series will start in Lithuania, before returning to Atlanta in the US. Certain locations in Lithuania will reportedly stand in for the Russian jail that The American, who was revealed in the season 3 posts credit scene, is currently being held in. (You might also recognise those locations from the HBO series Chernobyl, by the way.)

Whether or not The American is Hopper still remains to be seen. Don't worry, there's endless theories about how your fave Chief Dad could have survived that blast... including the possibility that he's currently roaming the Upside Down. Mostly thanks to the clues on David Harbour's Instagram.

With filming set to begin early this year, the season 4 release date likely won't be until December 2020 or early 2021.

The Stranger Things cast are set to walk the red carpet at the SAG Awards in Los Angeles on 13th January so no doubt more information about the start of filming will be spilled. So stay tuned, dingus... Stranger Things 4 is coming.