30 hilarious 'Stranger Things 3' memes you'll get if this season emotionally wrecked you

6 July 2019, 15:46

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

All the best Stranger Things 3 memes about Hopper's "3 inches" door rule, THAT emotional ending, everyone's new fave, Alexei, and more.

Stranger Things returned July 4 for season 3 and this season's adventures inspired plenty of memorable (and meme-worthy) moments. Eleven and Mike became official, Priah Ferguson got a way bigger role as Erica Sinclair, and Robin, Steve, and Dustin provided some major Scoops Troop laughs.

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The internet's Stranger Things 3 memes had us laughing in between the emotional twists and turns this season. We know you need a laugh after THAT intense ending, so here are some of the funniest memes about Stranger Things 3.

Warning: This post contains spoiler for Stranger Things 3

Hopper's "keep the door open 3 inches" mantra had us all laughing and crying.

After Mike and Eleven get close as an official couple, Hopper tries to take matters into her own hands by insisting the two teenagers keep her bedroom door cracked open three inches.

When Eleven reads the speech Hopper wrote to them, he brings up the three inch door request and queue the waterworks.

Every time Will touched his neck, you knew there was going to be trouble.

Mike and Eleven's relationship was a wild dynamic.

Stranger Things 3 is the first season where Eleven and Mike are actually a couple and it turns out their relationship took some getting used to for everyone involved.

Jonathan just wanted to develop his pictures and Nancy wanted to talk about the rats.

Steve and Robin, your new favourite duo.

Is it an exaggeration to say that Suzie and Dustin's musical number was THE moment of the season?

Stranger Things spoilers with no context posts nailed it.

Alexei hive, MAKE SOME NOISE!!

And, honestly, the ending of Stranger Things 3 had us emotionally and psychologically WRECKED.

Well, I guess we'll all meet back here in two years for more emotional anguish in season 4.

What did you guys think of Stranger Things 3?