Stranger Things 3: Is Dustin's girlfriend Suzie real?

4 July 2019, 08:37

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Dustin has a new girlfriend on Stranger Things, Suzie, but does she really exist?

Is Dustin's girlfriend Suzie real? In Stranger Things season 3, Dustin returns from science camp, seemingly with a new girlfriend: Suzie. The only problem is that, sight unseen, it's unclear to the group whether Dustin is making Suzie up or whether she is actually the real deal.

Multiple characters voice their skepticism about the existence of Suzie, including Erica, but, according to Dustin, Suzie is the perfect girl for him. She's smart, they like the same music, and the two have a lot in common. But is she real?

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Dustin Stranger Things
Dustin Stranger Things. Picture: Netflix

WARNING: Spoilers for Stranger Things season 3 ahead

Dustin's girlfriend Suzie is...drumroll please...A REAL GIRL. Surprise, surprise. Dustin was not bluffing about his camp romance, Suzie. She actually exists.

In season 3 episode 1, Dustin returns from camp eager to see his friends but also eager to tell them about his new girlfriend, Suzie (with a 'Z'). Suzie is from Salt Lake City, Utah, she plays the clarinet, and she's Mormon, so her parents would never approve of Dustin, according to him.

Suzie Stranger Things
Suzie Stranger Things. Picture: Netflix/Screenshot
Suzie Stranger Things season 3
Suzie Stranger Things season 3. Picture: Netflix

When Dustin tries to contact Suzie using his new ham radio, he is unable to reach her, leading his friends to doubt her existence. However, in season 3 episode 8, Dustin is able to reach her across the radio frequency everyone is using to communicate.

She then makes him sing "Never Ending Story" by Limahl before telling him Planck's Constant, an equation Hopper and Joyce need to know so they can unlock a safe in "The Battle of Starcourt".

Who plays Suzie in Stranger Things? - Gabriella Pizzolo

Dustin's girlfriend Suzie is played by Gabriella Pizzolo. Gabriella is a 16 year old actress and singer who has appeared in Broadway productions like Matilda The Musical and Fun House.

For now, it's too early to tell whether Gabriella will be back for Stranger Things season 4, but based on her connection with Dustin, it's fair to say she may well become a fan favourite.

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