Noah Schnapp and Lilly Singh just took a Stranger Things quiz together and it's everything

3 July 2019, 15:39

Noah Schnapp and Lilly Singh
Noah Schnapp and Lilly Singh. Picture: Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Netflix // YouTube: Noah Schnapp
Rachel Finn

By Rachel Finn

The pair have teamed up to release two Stranger Things-themed videos.

Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp re-launched his YouTube channel earlier this year and he’s just released a new video with Lilly Singh.

With the third season of Stranger Things out tomorrow (July 4), Noah - who plays Will Byers in the show - has made a video themed around the TV show which tries to answer the all important question: what kind of Stranger Things fan are you?

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Noah and Lily act out a variety of characters - options include ‘The Hipster Fan’, ‘The Too Cool For School Fan’, ‘The Stan Fan’ and more - over the course of the video, taking a hilarious look into all the fan stereotypes out there. They also open the video with a scene where both of them dress up as Barb from season one of the show - and they look pretty amazing, not gonna lie.

Types of Stranger Things Fans (ft. Lilly Singh) | Noah Schnapp

The pair also collaborated on a video for Lilly’s channel, where her and Noah take an online quiz called ‘Which Stranger Things character are you really?’ The pair go through each question on the quiz before revealing which character they got at the end.

Which STRANGER THINGS Character Are You Really? ft. Noah Schnapp

Noah’s channel currently has over 480,000 subscribers and features four videos. He recently teamed up with the Dolan Twins for a video called "I Tried The Blender Challenge w/ The Dolan Twins And It Was Gross”, where Noah, Ethan, and Grayson mix together a bunch of totally random and incompatible ingredients like bananas, fruit cocktail, soda, bugs, coconut milk and more… and then drink it.

With the new series of Stranger Things finally coming to Netflix this week, Noah has also been speaking about the series and recently revealed: "it's very sad, the ending is a lot to handle so be prepared."