Stranger Things x Nike 'Upside Down' shoes have tribute to Alexei hidden inside

12 August 2019, 21:10

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

The exclusive special edition 'Upside Down' Nike shoes are now on sale worldwide. Here's where to buy them.

Aside from the Scoops Troop, one of the best things about Stranger Things 3 was the incredible selection of merch that came along with it. The Polaroid camera, Eleven's romper, all those new Funko dolls, the Nike shoe collection... A blessing. Truly.

Turns out, all those limited edition pairs of Nikes that were released on July 4th had hidden details scattered all over the shoe. If you bought the Hawkins High editions, you would find Planck's constant stitched into the tongue - very handy if you're ever against the clock and trying to infiltrate a Russian lair. If you bought the July 4th editions, you'll find an invite to Hawkins' Independence Day fair printed onto the sole inside the shoe.

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The newest collection, released August 13th, have been labelled the 'Upside Down' edition and they're pretty freakin' bitchin' - mainly because they have a nod to our sweet sweet Russian bb Alexei printed inside.

Where to buy Stranger Things x Nike - Upside Down edition
Where to buy Stranger Things x Nike - Upside Down edition. Picture: Nike, Netflix

Inside the shoe, much like the other two editions, are some hidden details... On the tongue, a warning reads: "CAUTION: removal of top layer may reveal alternate dimension."

The top layer can be burnt away (yes, really) to reveal another layer of denim underneath. You can either leave them as they are or create your own unique style.

Inside the shoe, the soles are printed with the words "Suzie, do you copy?", Murray's scribbles, the map of the Russian underground base and Alexei's STUNNINGLY detailed illustration of the machine that was used to pry open the gate. A hand drawn Alexei original! Can you believe?!

Hidden underneath each of the soles is the Russian code that Robin manages to crack in Starcourt Mall.

The shoes drop on on August 13th and they'll cost you £94.95 ($110 USD) so if you want to walk around with a piece of Alexei with you at all times, you better get buying.