Stranger Things x Nike shoe collection features hidden easter eggs

22 July 2019, 17:13

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Every shoe in the collection features a hidden season 3 reference - and it's amazing.

Just when you thought you'd seen all of the hidden details from Stranger Things 3, people are now discovering that their merch also has some pretty cool easter eggs hidden within it too.

For Stranger Things 3, Netflix collaborated with over 75 brands to bring the whole thing to life off-screen, in real life. Polaroid, Burger King, H&M, Coca Cola... you name it, Stranger Things collabed with it. And then created themed merch that we could waste spend all our money on.

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One of those collaborations was with Nike, who released a 'missing batch' of trainers from 1985. The collection includes six limited edition pairs of shoes, each with their own design. Three pairs were inspired by Hawkins High School and three pairs were inspired by Fourth of July celebrations.

The trainers went on sale on a few weeks ago and are starting to land in the laps of the lucky people who managed to get their hands on a pair. Now, those people are quickly discovering that the shoes are covered in easter eggs relating to the show.

Stranger Things x Nike shoe collaboration features hidden easter eggs
Stranger Things x Nike shoe collaboration features hidden easter eggs. Picture: Netflix, Reddit

People have discovered tiny details that only fans of the show would understand, hidden underneath soles, on the tongue of the shoe and even on the heel. Even more exciting than that, the shoes come wrapped up in papers from The Hawkins Post too - aaaand blueprints for Starcourt Mall.


This pair features an invite to the Independence Day fireworks at Hawkins Park. It also has the season's tag line on the tongue of the shoe.

The Hawkins Blazers have a very important detail on the label that only Dustin's girlfriend Suzie and people who have seen episode 8 will understand. If only Dustin had this written on his shoes when he needed it most, huh?

Stranger Things x Nike features hidden easter eggs in shoes
Stranger Things x Nike features hidden easter eggs in shoes. Picture: BrownBrilliance via Reddit

BAIT San Diego even released an exclusive special edition Stranger Things x Nike Tailwind shoe with some absolutely unbelievable hidden details.

The trainers are covered in a tatty grey fabric when you first get them and can be burned away to reveal a different colour and a crazy hidden detail underneath. If you burn away the heel, the show's logo appears and if you pull up the sole, the secret Russian code can be seen on each foot.

They also feature Alexei's detailed drawing of the machine that is trying to open the upside down and come wrapped in the blueprints of Starcourt Mall.